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How to Clean Your PC Gaming Gear

With everything that is happening with the COVID-19 virus, we know that a lot of folks are eager to clean and disinfect as much as they can. We are not virology experts and therefore cannot in good faith advise on how to completely and safely disinfect your belongings. However, we can remind you to please be wary with harsh chemicals around your PC gear to prevent damage. Here's some insight on approved cleaning methods from our product team to keep your gear free of dirt and grime.

Given the recent pandemic, we do want to stress that it's important to frequently wash your hands and disinfect your desk and other areas of your home, and practice other safety measures as laid out by the World Health Organization.

When it comes to keeping your gaming gear clean, it's important to remember that you don't want to damage it in the process. It's not a great idea to use bleach or any harsh chemicals on all of your PC gear.

Here are our product team's methods for keeping your gear dirt-free:

How to Clean Your Mouse

How to Clean Your Cloth or Fabric Mousepad

How to Clean Your RGB or QcK Prism Mousepad

How to Clean Your Gaming Controller

How to Clean Your Keyboard

How to Clean Your Headset

Note: While we don't recommend them, if you do choose to use sprays, wipes, or any other cleaning and disinfecting products on your equipment, please carefully read all labels to ensure safe and correct use for both your belongings and your own health.