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Level up to the most precise mice in gaming


All mice come equipped with:

TrueMove Sensor

Custom-built with industry-leader PixArt, TrueMove sensors are designed specifically for each mouse with ideal tracking precision.

Premium Build Quality

SteelSeries mice are built to last, with hyper durable materials and switches that maintain consistency over millions and millions of clicks.

SteelSeries Engine

Tweak and tinker to your perfect customization, from lighting effects to fine-tuned sensitivity profiles, polling rates, and more.



产品特性 Rival 310 Sensei 310 Rival 710 Rival 600 Rival 650 Wireless
价格 $49.99 With free shipping$49.99 With free shipping$99.99 With free shipping$79.99 With free shipping$119.99 With free shipping
2.4G无线 Feature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature supported
传感器类型 TrueMove3 Optical TrueMove3 Optical TrueMove3 Optical TrueMove3+ Dual Optical TrueMove3+ Dual Optical
CPI调节范围 100–12,000 CPI 100–12,000 CPI 100–12,000 CPI 100–12,000 CPI 100–12,000 CPI
按键 6 8 7 7 7
推荐握持姿势 趴握和抓握 抓握和指握 趴握和抓握 趴握和抓握 趴握和抓握
表面材质 磨砂、抗指纹(仅限标准版) 磨砂、抗指纹(仅限标准版) 类肤 类肤,增强纤维塑料 类肤,增强纤维塑料
驱动支持 Feature supportedFeature supportedFeature supportedFeature supportedFeature supported
立即购买 立即购买 立即购买 立即购买 立即购买