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 Prime Mini and Prime mouse side by side to show the difference in size. Text left reads "Prime: 69 grams." Text right reads "Prime Mini: 61 grams."

 Twistzz from Faze Clan holding the Prime mouse while wearing the Arctis Prime headset.

 Overhead view of Prime Mini mouse sitting beside a sleek SteelSeries keyboard.

 A closeup view of the Prestige OM switch.

 The all-new, soft microfiber super mesh cable comes with the Prime Mini mouse.

 Angled view of prime mini mouse.

 Side profile of Prime Mini mouse, showing off sleek compact design.

Prime Mini

  • Smaller. Lighter. All Performance. 61g ultra lightweight and mini form factor was designed with top esports pros for sustained comfort and battle-tested durability
  • Prestige Optical Magnetic Switches are a first in esports and harness the power of light for response times and utilize magnetic components to last 5x longer than the competition
  • Pro grade 1-to-1 tracking with the TrueMove Air optical gaming sensor
  • On-board Customization with 5 pre-set or customized CPIs and 4 different polling rates
price $59.99
price $59.99
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Winning Is Everything

Co-developed with the world’s leading competitive esports players, every aspect of the Prime Mini was meticulously designed with a single goal in mind: victory.

Smaller. Lighter. All Performance.

The Prime Mini was meticulously engineered to be 12% lighter and in a smaller profile while maintaining the signature Prime form-fitting ergo shape and cutting edge technology that make Prime mice esports-ready.

A diagram showing the size difference between the Prime and Prime Mini. Text left: Prime Mini, 61 grams. Text right: Prime, 69 grams.

Revolutionary Optical Magnetic Switch

A world's first in esports, the Prestige OM™ optical magnetic switch technology is built specifically to withstand intense pro-level play. Industry-leading and rated for 100 million clicks, our custom neodymium magnets deliver our most consistent mouse clicks ever while an infrared light beam delivers lightning fast response times in-game.

An illustrative render that shows off the Prime Mini's magnetic switch.

How It Works

The Prestige OM™ switch has a steel torsion spring held in place by a specially-milled neodymium magnet. This magnetic force creates consistency and precision so that every click actuates with the same amount of release force. This switch, in conjunction with an input beam of infrared light, allows each click to register at quantum speeds, delivering unrivaled response times.


Consistent Crispy Clicks

Utilizing magnetic forces rather than mechanical parts for resistance produces clicks that are 4X more consistent than the competition for amazingly satisfying crispy clicks that ensure your 100 millionth mouse click feels just as crispy as the very first.

Hear The Difference With Prestige OM™ Switches

TrueMove Pro Gaming Sensor

Designed in collaboration with PixArt, world-renowned pioneer in sensor innovation and technology, to outperform the competition with true 1-to-1 tracking, plus tilt tracking to eliminate unwanted tracking during angled drops, tilt slams, and quick flicks.

An underside look at the mouse with a label identifying the sensor. Text right: TrueMove Pro.

18,000 CPI

450 IPS

50G Acceleration

True 1-to-1 Tracking

Pros require pixel-perfect precision. Our top-of-the-line TrueMove Pro/Pro+ sensors deliver 2X better accuracy than the competition so that every mouse mouse movement, from micro-adjustment to sweeping burst, translates precisely in-game as it was intended to.


On-Board Customization

On-the-fly adjustments are essential for pros and always easy on our Prime line of mice. Choose between 4 polling rates and up to 5 pre-set or customized CPIs directly on the mouse to quickly adjust to the settings best suited to the game you're playing now.

FaZe player Twistzz stands against an orange background holding the Prime mouse. Text on the image reads: "My aim has never felt cleaner."

Textured Matte Finish

A new, easy-to-clean textured top surface allows for a dependable non-slip grip for long, intense gaming sessions.

A closeup with two labels that read "Premium ABS-polycarbonate" near the buttons and "VDI30 Tactile Macrotexture Body" near the palm rest.

100% Virgin Grade PTFE

Pure PTFE glide skates provide enhanced control and smoothness for silky smooth super light mouse movements. Our glide skates are designed to cover key points of contact and pressure during intense gameplay for maximum performance.

新的编织 USB-C 线缆

Quick swipes and rapid movements are essential to perform your best in game. Our all-new, soft microfiber super mesh cable creates less drag and a lighter feel so it’s easier to hit that crucial shot. And this cable is detachable for when you’re on-the-go to your next tournament.

A sleek desktop setup feature a Prime mouse and headset.

Shop All Prime Gear

The Prime Mini mouse is part of our combative series of gaming peripheral products, designed with pros. Every component in our Prime products is necessary for maximum in-game performance and nothing more.


The ergonomic right-handed shape of the Prime Mini is designed for demanding game play and is especially beneficial for those using claw or fingertip grip styles.

  • Example of a Prime Mini gaming mouse being used with a finger grip.
  • Illustration of a hand using the Prime Mini mouse with a claw grip.
  • A hand using the Prime Mini mouse with a palm grip.
  • Overhead view of the Prime Mini mouse dimensions, with width listed as 59 mm across the scroll wheel and 67.9 mm width listed across the widest part of the mouse.
  • Dimensions for the mouse: 120.3 MM in length, 40.7 MM from palm rest to base, and 23 MM from scroll wheel to base.
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SteelSeries TrueMove Pro




100-18000 CPI in 100 CPI Increments


450, 基于赛睿QcK鼠标垫测试结果
















1-Zone RGB




120.3 mm / 4.73 inches


66.2 mm / 2.60 inches


40.7 mm / 1.60 inches

Super Mesh Cable Length

2m / 6.6 feet


Prestige OM™ optical magnetic switches


100 million clicks

Switch Actuation

Primary mouse buttons have magnetic optical switches


Windows, Mac, Xbox, and Linux. 需要USB接口


SteelSeries Engine 3.15.1+, for Windows (7 或更高版本) and Mac OSX (10.12 或更高版本)

Prime Mini Gaming Mouse

Micro-USB to USB Type-A Super Mesh Data Cable

Prime Mouse Family

产品特性 Prime Prime Mini Prime+ Prime Wireless Prime Mini Wireless
价格 $59.99 With free shipping$59.99 With free shipping$79.99 With free shipping$129.99 With free shipping$129.99 With free shipping
2.4G无线 Feature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature supportedFeature supported
传感器类型 TrueMove Pro TrueMove Pro TrueMove Pro+ TrueMove Air TrueMove Air
Secondary Lift Off Sensor Feature not supportedFeature not supportedFeature supportedFeature not supportedFeature not supported
CPI Range 18,000 CPI 18,000 CPI 18,000 CPI 18,000 CPI 18,000 CPI
重量 69g 61g 71g 80g 73g
Click Switches Prestige OM Switches Prestige OM Switches Prestige OM Switches Prestige OM Switches Prestige OM Switches
Switch Rating 100 Million 100 Million 100 Million 100 Million 100 Million
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Prime Mini FAQ

Why is the cable detachable?

We designed the cable to be detachable for easy transportation. Too often cables are bent or torn when put in a backpack when travelling to LAN events or even to a friend’s house to play games. To reduce this issue we created a detachable cable that is still easy to use, but sturdy enough for thousands of hours of game play.

How durable is the Prime mouse?

The Prime mouse comes with 100M Prestige OM switches that give you that crisp click feeling and sound from the 1st click to the 100 millionth click.

What are the CPI settings?

The default CPI settings on the mouse are 400 CPI (purple), 800 CPI (blue), 1200 CPI (green), 2400 CPI (yellow), 3200 CPI (red), and can be customized using SteelSeries Engine / GG.

How do I change the polling rate?

You can change the polling rate by holding down the CPI button which can be found on the underside of the mouse. The change of the polling rate will be shown by seeing the scroll wheel RGB light flash. You can also change the polling rate within SteelSeries Engine / GG.

What connection type is the cable?

The cable connection is USB-C on the side that connects to the mouse and USB-A to connect to a device such as your PC or laptop.