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The most iconic mouse in esports has evolved: Sensei Ten

Arctis Pro. High Fidelity Gaming Audio

The Arctis Pro 产品线

Arctis ProArctis Pro + GameDACArctis Pro Wireless
Arctis Pro Arctis Pro + GameDAC Arctis Pro Wireless
价格 $179.99 With free shipping$249.99 With free shipping$329.99 With free shipping
Electronics USB ChatMix 旋钮 GameDAC Transmitter Base Station
发声单元 10–40,000 Hz 10–40,000 Hz 10–40,000 Hz
Hi-Res音频认证 Feature not supportedFeature supportedFeature not supported
环绕声 DTS Headphone: X v2.0 DTS Headphone: X v2.0 DTS Headphone: X v2.0
2.4G无线 不支持 不支持 无损 2.4G和蓝牙
连接 USB, 3.5mm USB, 光纤, 3.5mm USB, 光纤, 3.5mm
兼容性 PC PC & PS4 PC & PS4
RGB 灯效 Feature supportedFeature supportedFeature not supported
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