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 Multiple esports athletes in competition wearing the Arctis Pro headset.

 Arctis Pro headset shown from an angled view with RGB illumination.

 Arctis Pro headset shown from an side view with RGB illumination.

 Arctis Pro headset exterior packaging.

 Arctis Pro headset shown from a front view.

Arctis Pro难逢对手的高解析力PC游戏耳机

  • 高保真发声单元
  • 轻量铝合金设计和钢化结构
  • DTS Headphone:X v2.0环绕声
  • ClearCast游戏麦克风
  • 高保真发声单元
  • 轻量铝合金设计和钢化结构
  • DTS Headphone:X v2.0环绕声
  • ClearCast游戏麦克风
price $179.99

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price $179.99

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ChatMix 旋钮

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  • USB


  • USB


  • USB(不支持环绕音和ChatMix功能)
  • 通过3.5mm连接到手柄

Xbox One

  • 通过3.5mm连接到手柄


  • 通过3.5mm接口连接到掌机


  • 3.5mm


40 mm


10–40,000 Hz


102 dB SPL


32 欧姆


< 1%




Bidirectional Noise-Canceling


100–10,000 Hz


-38 dBV/Pa


2200 欧姆




3.12.0 +


Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.9+ (DTS Headphone:X available on Windows 7+ only)

Arctis Pro 耳机

USB ChatMix 旋钮




The Arctis Pro 产品线

产品特性 Arctis Pro Arctis Pro + GameDAC Arctis Pro Wireless
价格 $179.99 With free shipping$249.99 With free shipping$329.99 With free shipping
Electronics USB ChatMix 旋钮 GameDAC 无线发射底座
发声单元 10–40,000 Hz 10–40,000 Hz 10–40,000 Hz
Hi-Res音频认证 Feature not supportedFeature supportedFeature not supported
环绕声 DTS Headphone: X v2.0 DTS Headphone: X v2.0 DTS Headphone: X v2.0
2.4G无线 不支持 不支持 无损 2.4G和蓝牙
连接 USB, 3.5mm USB, 光纤, 3.5mm USB, 光纤, 3.5mm
兼容性 PC PC & PS4 PC & PS4
RGB 灯效 Feature supportedFeature supportedFeature not supported
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How is Arctis Pro different from other Arctis headsets?

Arctis Pro保持了Arctis设计的丹麦血统,配备了滑雪镜头戴,可伸缩ClearCast麦克风和耳机触控。其他部件再Pro上得到了提升。比如Arctis Pro的扬声驱动提供高分辨率音效,让你身临其境。耳机材质也更充实,钛灰色钢质头戴,轻量铝质悬挂和柔软触感的话筒罩。耳机面板也可拆卸,让Arctis的可玩性更高。

What is the difference between Arctis Pro and Arctis Pro + GameDAC?

The headset portion of both products is identical. From the hi-res capable speaker drivers to the lightweight steel and aluminum alloy construction, everything is exactly the same. The difference lies in the front-end electronics. Arctis Pro includes a USB ChatMix dial, which connects to a PC. This allows for surround sound, ChatMix, EQ, and illumination for PC gaming.

As the name implies, Arctis Pro + GameDAC includes a far more advanced front end, the GameDAC. This is a dedicated Hi-Res certified DAC and headphone amplifier purpose-built for gaming. The GameDAC produces a high level of audio fidelity that puts it on par with some truly great DACs from the audiophile world. Additionally the version with GameDAC offers full support for PS4 gaming. And with its OLED screen interface there is no software required to customize your settings.

What does the USB ChatMix dial do?

The ChatMix dial is a USB soundcard that enables you to receive digital audio from the PC. In Windows it appears as two audio devices, one for game and one for chat. This allows you to assign them separately and control your balance on the fly with the physical ChatMix dial.

Can I use the Arctis Pro with Xbox ONE or PS4 as well as my PC?

Yes! The Arctis Pro includes a 3.5mm adapter, meaning that you can plug it into an Xbox controller, VR headset, or mobile device. The USB ChatMix dial can also be connected to a PS4 for audio and illumination, but some features like surround sound and ChatMix will be unavailable, as they are PC only.