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5 Beginner Tips for Streamers and Content Creators

Just starting out as a streamer, content creator, YouTuber, personality, influencer? Here are 5 helpful tips from NoisyButters:

Tip #1: Just start

Start recording. Start streaming. This is the hardest hurdle for a lot of people. When people ask me how to do it...just jump in, with whatever equipment you may have, just start creating content.

You don't have to have the highest quality, you don't have to have a fancy $300 mic. You can start recording with the mic that comes with your headset (by the way, I'm using the SteelSeries Arctis 9X - a lot of people ask about that...this mic would be fine for starting out.)

It takes a while to find your groove in regards to content creation, your first couple bits may not be the best, but the point is to practice. Just get started.

Tip #2: Be consistent

Practice, practice, practice. You need to practice.

You might not see a lot of growth at first, and that's totally okay and normal for a lot of content creators. The point is to practice, get comfortable behind the camera, learn how to edit...

The more consistent you are, the better you'll get over time. Then once you reach that threshold of "huh, I'm pretty happy with my content", your content's going to start getting discovered and people are going to say "wow, I love this video, I want to see more from this creator", and you'll have a full line of videos for them to check out.

It is super important to be consistent. By the way, that does not mean every day. Consistent could mean every other day, or once a week - whatever fits your plan.

Tip #3: Seek improvement

Once you get the ball rolling with your content, you're going to want to start making little changes in your content to bring it to the next level.

That could mean making longer videos, adding different color correction to your videos, going for higher gameplay, maybe even changing the facecam frame.

Seek improvement. Change one little thing in every piece of content that you make, and you'll see so much improvement over time.

Tip #4: Be unique, but also be yourself

Being a content creator or streamer is an absolute dream job. A lot of people are chasing the dream, which means that the field is highly saturated with a lot of creators.

You need to find something that makes you stand out, whether that be your personality, your editing style, your gameplay (maybe you're the best in the world at Tetris). Being unique goes a long way and will bring more people to your channel.

But it's also really important to not fake who you are behind the camera - you want to be yourself, you want to enjoy what you're doing. You want the content to roll naturally.

Tip #5: Have fun

At the end of the day, that's the most important thing is to have fun. The best part is, when you're having fun, that will reflect in your content really well. If you're not having fun, then what's the point?

We hope these tips help you get out there and start making some content! You can find NoisyButters around the web, including on YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.